IMG_0948March 15, 2017 – Reservations, which hit bookstore shelves a little more than a week ago, gets its first reading tonight, always a high-anxiety act. At least, it always starts off that way.

I’m like a lot of writers – my happy place is alone in a room with my keyboard and my characters. Then, sooner than I’m ever ready, the book is out and demanding its time in the sun, meaning that I’m going to have to stand up in front of people – real people – and talk. Shades of junior high terror.

But I suspect that, despite the inevitable jitters, when I read tonight at Fact and Fiction, I’ll realize as I always do that it’s really fun to talk with people about writing and reading. More than fun – it’s gratifying to live in a state with so many flourishing independent bookstores, and to see how much people care about books. So, deep breath. Here goes.

Oh, and I’m adding more readings all the time to my events page. Check it out!


March 8, 2017 – My fourth book, RESERVATIONS (Midnight Ink; displayed here by my adorable, ACLU-ribbon-wearing mom) came out a little early, but today is its official pub date.

How cool that it’s International Women’s Day – and that I’m in North Dakota as part of Dickinson State University’s Women’s Voices program.

Some days, it all comes together. My heart is full.






Dec. 19, 2016 – First review for ‘Reservations’ is a good one!

“Florio (Disgraced, 2016, etc.) captures the culture and poverty on reservations still suffering from greed and mismanagement in a ripped-from-the-headlines story with a shocking ending.” Kirkus Reviews

Dec. 14, one day to deadline – Which means one day to kick back, because this morning, I emailed the really, truly final fixes to Reservations to the production editor, and the manuscript of Book 5 to my editor. Pretty sure that at some point, this day will involve pie.


snidelyDeadline convergence! Proofs due on a short story for an anthology. Post due for International Thriller WritersThrill Begins site. Proofs for Book 4, RESERVATIONS, to land in my inbox tomorrow. And, in the Day Job, the election locomotive is bearing down. So long, sleep.