Best. News. Ever.

I’ve been subscribing to Publishers Marketplace for years in anticipation of the day when I’d see this:


Journalist, former war correspondent, and Montana resident Gwen Florio’s MONTANA, a roller-coaster of a mystery involving crooked politics, drug-running, and murder out in Big Sky Country, to Martin Shepard at The Permanent Press, for hardcover publication in November 2013, with audio rights to Blackstone, by Barbara Braun at Barbara Braun Associates.

Nell is scared!

I think I can recite it by heart. What its single sentence fails to convey is the wild dance around the room that left the dog  thoroughly traumatized. Or the approximately one-thousand clicks on the email from publisher Martin Shepard with the subject line “Time to Celebrate.”  The 3 a.m. wakeup: Wow. It’s real.

A lot of hard work lies ahead. But for now, I’m going to dance around the room some more. The dog will survive. And then maybe I’ll click on that email again. Because, wow. It’s real.

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One response to “Best. News. Ever.”

  1. Kathleen R. Kimble says:

    Now MY dog (and my wolverine, also) are dancing around the house . We all be celebrating with you. Yes! Congrats!