Some Sentences, January 2017 – In synopsis hell


Jan. 14, 2017 – I’d rather write a whole book than a synopsis. For that matter, I’d rather have root canal than write a synopsis. And yet my editor asked for one, and I adore my editor, so here I sit, typing a synopsis. (Well, no, obviously right now I’m typing some sentences. As a way of avoiding writing a synopsis.)

This is when I really envy plotters. All they have to do is condense their obsessiveĀ outlines, and voila – synopsis. Confirmed pantser that I am, there is no outline, unless “Lola gets herself into a whole lot of trouble, and some sex” counts, which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

But I take heart from one of my favorite authors, Dana Stabenow. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to interview her and she said (Look away, Terri Bischoff, look away!) that “I used to do outlines because they were contractually required but I almost never followed them.”

So here’s a vow to look back at my synopsis a year from now, and see just how closely the finished product hews to it.


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