Jumping on the 1- (or 2-, or 3-) sentence-journal bandwagon



With apologies to Master of the Form Chris LaTray, to my brother, and to any and everyone else who’s been doing this for years, I’m giving it a shot – mainly because I’m such an inconsistent blogger.

But a single sentence! Anyone can manage that, right?

It’s right in line with my theory of writing a novel. Stripped down to its barest minimum, even if you only write a sentence a day, after enough (OK, many, many, many) days, you’ll have a first draft. Me, I shoot for 500 words a day toward a first draft when I’m also working a day job,  1,000 words if I’m gainfully unemployed.

I’ll put that discipline to the test in January, when I start a new book. But before then, a couple of dreaded deadlines loom – the copy edits on my fourth novel, RESERVATIONS, out in March, and the manuscript for my fifth, at this point imaginatively named BOOK FIVE. Both are due in mid-December. Which makes me feel like this:

If I survive, I’ll probably go back to the occasional blog post. Until then, a sentence or two, starting with today’s:

Oct. 24, 2016: Spent most of my precious two hours of coffee shop time staring in horror at all of the inconsistencies in the end of the ms. Finally tore into them as the clocked ticked toward 9 a.m. Progress, right?




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