Lola Wicks lives! Three more books on the way

I am beyond thrilled to announce that Midnight Ink has offered a three-book deal for the next books in the Lola Wicks series. Here’s the Publishers Marketplace announcement – I’ve been waiting until some details were nailed down before telling the world.

 Midnight Ink publishes some of my favorite authors – think Mark Stevens and his Allison Coil mysteries, and Shannon Baker’s Nora Abbott series – so I’m doubly honored.

 The publication date for the next book, set in Wyoming, will likely be early next year. The title will almost certainly change, but Lola’s peripatetic ways will not. After Wyoming, I’m sending her off to Arizona. It’s entirely possible that some very self-serving research trips – in January, say – will accompany that writing process.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m thrilled?


3 responses to “Lola Wicks lives! Three more books on the way”

  1. Judi Hyde says:

    Yay! Congratulations on the books deal. I can’t wait to read more Lola.

  2. Anne Mollegen Smith says:

    We are thrilled for you. After his dance, avid lept into my arms!