Write. Write. Write. (Got that?) Now write some more.

Here’s a great piece, short and very much to the point, on writing from Neil Gaiman that my running buddy Joni posted on Facebook yesterday.

Credit: SharedWorlds

I love the way it harkens back to that phase all of us go through, where our writing sounds like a pale and shaky version of whatever we’re reading at the moment.  I’m grateful to Gaiman for pointing out the value in that. No matter how timidly you’re writing, at least you’re doing it – and of course, the more you write, the more likely it is your own insistent voice will break through. I also love the link to the Hand in Hand project by Shared Worlds, with all manner of  writing advice scrawled upon writers’ hands.

Gaiman’s – “Write. Finish things. Keep Writing” – is spot on, especially the part about finishing things. And ya gotta love Patrick Rothfuss, with the best writing advice of all time, “Sit your ass down and write.”

(Photo from SharedWorlds)

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