Crooks in D.C? For sure – and cannibals, too.

Terrific to see this nod from Cathy Scott to my former Denver Post colleague – and novelist and true crime writer – Ron Franscell, and his new book, The Crime Buff’s Guide to Outlaw Washington, D.C. In her Crime, She Writes by Cathy Scott blog, she says:

Ron Franscell

Franscell’s easy style in his use of language makes for a lively and readable trek through time and place. From the grisly (a cannibalistic serial killer at the former St. John’s Orphanage) to political (the Watergate Hotel break-in at the National Democratic Headquarters), it’s a fascinating read.

As Franscell tells it in his introduction, “It will take you to places where our crime history took unexpected, momentous, macabre, or even whimsical turns.” Simply put, he says, “Place matters, even in crime.”

Cool detail – the book includes GPS coordinates. It’s Franscell’s third in the Crime Buff’s Guide series.



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  1. Thank you, Gwen! As a fellow roadie, I know that you understand the joy of going some of these places and finding cool stuff.