Best news in the world – ‘significantly higher fiction sales’

OK, best news in my world. Nonetheless, the latest trends analysis from Publishers Marketplace(subscription required) underscores this as a terrific year for fiction:


The big trend observed in September–significantly higher fiction sales, driven by higher than ever sales of romance and women’s fiction–continued apace. (Fiction sales were once again significantly higher in this period than ever observed before.) Children’s sales finally  rose, after registering unusually low in September, and the total number of US deals for September 1 through October 7 was exactly the same this year as it was last year. But the comps for total six-figure sales nudged up at the end, putting 2012 ahead of 2011 for the same period.

The report also notes more major publishers picking up self-published books; 14 since late August, with 10 for six- and even seven-figure deals. Wowza on all fronts!

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